I bet you consider yourself as a tidy person, why you would not. You are a cleaning machine, you scrub those toilets like there is no tomorrow, wash the dishes like a boss and do not forget those nosy neighbors of yours whom you always get compliments from like how nice and clean your house is. But do you know that the toilet is not the winner of the dirtiest award. The grossest items in your house are not the ones you have in mind. From chopping boards to your laptop to your laundry and the things you use every day are your bacteria farms. They harbor germs more than you have imagined. I consider myself as a clean guru but even I did not know about this filthy house hold items.

Now that flu season seems like an all year round thing, making sure that everything in you house is clean has been your priority to prevent the spread of germ causing bacteria. And some things you are neglecting will most likely the carrier of germs that can spread flu harmful bacteria and other viruses. Now before you lock yourself in a room or wrap yourself in a bubble wrap or anything drastic. I will help you know the most neglected items in your house that are considered the dirtiest without even knowing it. So what items are super gross?

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  1. According to studies, phones are ten times dirtier than toilet seats. The more you touch the more bacteria build up. It is not only our fingers touch the screen but also our face, ears nose, lips plus the screen is usually warm, the bacteria thrives and transfers easily. Before you flip your phone to the bin, why not use alcohol wipes to clean it daily and STOP bringing your phones into the bathroom!

2. Your keyboard is Bacteria Maniac – Again, the more you touch the more bacteria build up. Do I have to say it again? It is one of those things you always use but you never clean. Computer keyboard almost hits the same spot with your phones. Clean it by also using alcohol wipes.

3. Doorknobs and door handles spread germs rapidly. It is very unlikely that you do not touch the doorknobs or door handles whether you are at home or at work. This causes the germs spread from one person to another. This is the reason why it was reported that doorknobs and door handles are the most germ ridden items in public especially in buildings. Hand washing is very important to prevent the spread germs and if you do not practice hand washing at home you are inviting potentially contagious viruses and germ inside your home. Now you know why Nana kept on reminding you to wash your hands.

4. Those soft, fluffy pillows are putrid. If you like hugging your pillow or burying your face in it, you might as well give your toilet a big hug and stick your head inside it. It is considered as dirty as the toilet because we are always in contact with those, every night to be exact. The good news is you can wash your pillow as often as you want unless you want to be sleeping with bed bugs, mites and your own dead skin.

5. Cutting boards is a farm of fecal matter. Reader's Digest cited a study that found that the average cutting board contains 200 times more fecal matter than a toilet seat. Think twice before using it. You may clean it by using soaking it in vinegar or lemon.

Now that I have discussed the top 5 among the dirtiest things inside your home that you are probably not even aware of, let’s discuss now on how to prevent germs visiting your homes. Maybe not a 100% germ free home but at least clean enough to avoid sickness and keep your family healthy.

We  have learned a thousand of ways and tips how to keep bacteria causing germs away and even reduce the severity of illnesses over the years of experience and reading magazines about health. I know that is how paranoid we are when it comes to our families health.

I know that natural remedies can get overwhelming which is why I like to keep it short and simple. If it is too complicated, let’s face it, it’s easy to skip it. However, it is much better to spend a few minutes to select up a few of these healthy habits to avoid being down for the count with the cold or flu.

I sympathize to those parents out there with young kids, so I am adding more things to an already hectic schedule, which is why I make it a family habit.

Teach your kids at young ages to be healthy will become life lessons that they will always carry with them and can be passed on to their children.

My kids are the ones reminding me now, “Hey, Dad didn’t wash his hands yet!” or “ I should wash my hands more because I do not want to get sick” though I am not sure with the latter if that was true or just an excuse to play with water, it is still a check back that washing hands has become their habit, and they know the consequence if they do not do it. They don’t want to get sick, and they understand the WHY behind hand washing. 

Here are my tried and true, very simple and straightforward steps to help keep the germs way!

Seven simple steps to help keep the germs away:

1. Wash your hands

We hear this all the time, and we get irritated when we were kids whenever mom reminded us but now I could not thank mom enough because it is really is the best first defense against germs. This is super important with small kids and toddlers who touch and lick EVERYTHING. (Yikes)

I must also tell you, that it is good to wash your hands BEFORE you go somewhere and AFTER or whenever you have the chance. The often you wash the lesser the spread of  germs.  This will help reduce spreading your germs as well.

I suggest using homemade soap infused with essential oils because it will naturally kill germs without harming your immune system and your skin.

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2. Essential Oils

Have you heard diffusing essential oils can make a difference? Well they do. I truly feel that these essential oils have made a huge difference in the amount of cough and colds we have acquired. Before we go anywhere and I know that we will be in contact with people (or dirty waiting room and toys), I diffuse oils that will help boost the immune system. I love lavender and tea tree oils for boosting immune system and If you have older kids, peppermint and eucalyptus are amazing as well

I also never forget to diffuse when we get home. This helps a lot to clean the air and fight anything we may have brought with us home. Put the diffuser where you put your coats and bags, diffuse where they also will be around. In this way you are already disinfecting them and killing anything that might have been carried in.

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3. Drink water

Aside form the 100 benefits that you get when you are drinking enough water, the most relevant is, it improves your immune system. It helps maintain blood volume and allows proper circulation, helps regulate our body temperature, and acts as a shock absorber for our joints and our brain. There are still more health benefits of water: It helps lubricate the linings of our inner organs and maintains healthy kidney function. Keep things moving by drinking water. This will help stimulate your immune system during an illness because it helps your body flush the germs.

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4. Happy Tummy

A happy gut is a healthy body. The major part of your immune system is in your gut, so you must keep it supplied with good bacteria and help your body stronger and healthy. There are a few ways to do this but a good probiotic and/or fermented foods in your diet will help increase the good bacteria in your body. That would strengthen your immune system making you less prone to sickness. Making your tummy happy is the best gift you can give your body.

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5. Rest and more Rest

Have you experienced sneezing all day after a day with no sleep? Immune system drops off quickly if you lack of sleep making your body susceptible for germs and other diseases. Your body needs rest the same as it needs food! That means getting to bed on time and getting in a full night’s sleep gives your body time to replenish, repair, and fight those germs off. This is also super important for kids that are growing. Our bodies absolutely need the time to rest. You may also hire a professional cleaning service that can help you sanitize your home so you can relax 100%.

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6. Eat a healthy diet

Experts think that healthy living may help boost your immune system so keeping the junk food away and eating healthy food will help fight off the germs. Build healthy bodies with healthy foods. There are tons of recipe that you can now use to cook  delicious but healthy food. And for the kids at home, we all know how picky they can get when it comes to food, you can make it fun by adding a variety of colorful veggies and fruit, which will help supply the minerals and vitamins your body needs to fight germs.

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7. Supplements

I would like  to make sure we are getting enough of what we need during times of illness. This comes in the form of cod liver oil, collagen, and food sources of vitamin C. Again supplements act as a support only, and we can not fully rely on it, though healthy diet is still the most essential in having a strong immune system.

Another useful advise is add those super foods to smoothies with some berries, steamed greens and coconut water every day to make sure we are starting off on the right foot. That way I know we have nourished bodies

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Keeping our families bodies healthy is a good foundation for them to stay healthy and be successful!

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How to sanitize your house after sickness.

You have done everything to keep your house germ free still someone got sick and spread the virus and bam! The whole household got the flu. Well this is actually inevitable no matter how clean you are there will come a time that you cannot prevent the spread of virus especially in those cold months. I have gathered some ways on how to disinfect your house after the sickness.

1.       Vinegar your home. Did you know that the best natural disinfectant is Vinegar? Tested and proven by many moms and passed on through generations. Here’s what you can do: Fill in a spray bottle with 1/3 white vinegar and 2/3 water and you can use this to disinfect effectively your bathrooms and kitchen. I know the aroma of vinegar is not that inviting, you can mix ½ lemon to balance the smell.  Cheap and effective, all mommas would love this.

2.       Do not forget your laundry room. After being sick, gather all the clothes you’ve worn during the epidemic and should be washed right away. You might also want to sanitize your laundry bin using the vinegar solution I taught you. Use hot temperature setting when washing your linens, towel and bedding to kill any lingering germ.

3.       Calling Mr. Sun. Bacteria causing germs cannot live long when Mr. Sun is around. It is your best defense against the spread of germs. After washing your laundry hang those blankets, comforter, rugs, pillows and mattresses outside and place it under direct sunlight. Sunlight will burn the germs. Totally free and totally effective.

4.       Tea Tree Oil, Tea Tree Oil! All, mommas are big fans of tea tree oil, and it is super effective if you have sick people in your house, since it is a natural antibacterial and anti fungal, and cleans and freshens without any chemical additives. Pure and natural never gets old.

Here are steps to use tea tree oil to disinfect your home:

  • Sanitize your vacuum. Apply several drops of undiluted tea tree oil to a few cotton balls and place them in the cleaner bag of your vacuum.

  • Keep a spray bottle handy. Fill a spray bottle with 2 cups of water then add 2 teaspoons of tea tree oil. You have an instant non-toxic disinfectant. Keep it handy so you can spray it in the air to disinfect and leaves a natural scent of tea tree oil. You may also use this by adding a few drops of liquid soap to wipe down kitchen counters and anything in the bathroom. It is also great on floors.

  • ·Remember the most touched surfaces. Computer keyboards, toys, doorknobs and railings are things you and your family touch the most are harboring bacteria and will need to be disinfected regularly. Don’t forget your toothbrush — when you’ve been sick it is a good idea to soak it in hydrogen peroxide to kill any lingering germs.

5.       Build up the immune systems of all your housemates after an illness. Eating foods with probiotic properties, such as yogurt with live cultures, fermented food and healthy drinks are perfect, along with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Just because you or a family member got sick, don’t think you’ve lost the war on germs! Deep-clean your living space and provide a fresh, clean house when you follow these tips.

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