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What is Included in a Deep House Cleaning?

When you consider hiring a maid or house cleaning service, you will probably find that most of them require a thorough cleaning when they visit your home for the first time. This is completely normal and makes the cleaners ' job easier, but you may wonder exactly what deep cleaning means. We will look below in more depth, but the best way to describe a deep cleaning is as a thorough cleaning, which ensures that every inch of your home is cleaned thoroughly.

Cost and Value

Depending on where you are and the size of your home, you can expect a deep cleaning to cost $ 200 to $ 400 everywhere. Routine cleaning, which is the regular weekly or monthly cleaning, usually costs between $ 100 and $ 150 per week. Although deep cleaning costs more, there are good reasons for this. There is much more to your home during a deep cleaning session than average cleaning sessions.

As already mentioned, you may need to have a thorough cleaning before you subscribe to a maintenance cleaning service. There are other reasons to think about a thorough cleaning. If you are in the process of moving or are planning to host family for a holiday, a deep cleaning can give you peace of mind that everything will be perfect. And, you don’t have to do all of the cleaning on your own. You can instead spend time on other more important tasks.

To better understand the differences between routine cleaning and deep cleaning, we will examine what is covered and what is not performed by each service. These may vary depending on the location and the company you choose, but in most cases they are fairly standard.

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Bathroom Cleaning

With standard cleaning you can expect to remove your garbage, dusting, clean the toilet and disinfect the fixtures. It is also common to expect that your walls are washed, your shower is cleaned and your sink is rinsed. Some additional services that you can expect from deep cleaning include cleaning the door for fingerprints, dusting each knick and scrubbing the grout. Mirrors are shined, mildew treated and towels are changed in each type of cleaning.

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Kitchen Cleaning

Deep cleaning means that your kitchen is spotless. The cleaner you visit will clean the hood and the oven inside the stove, sweep behind any large appliances, remove the dishwasher and refrigerator and clean the fingerprint doors. On top of that, you get the regular cleaning services. This could include washing the front of the fridge, cleaning the table and chairs, dusting and wiping the top and front of the stove. You can expect a bright clean sink and counter tops as well.

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Living Areas & Bedrooms

The bedrooms and the living room are cleaned completely with a profound cleaning system. With any cleaning from straightening to vacuuming and dusting you can expect everything to happen, but deep cleaning will include many other services.  Your blinds are stained, your mirrors and the ceiling fan are wiped, and your bed is vacuumed from the bottom. The other area of the house, such as the stairs, will also be cleaned extensively.

After a thorough cleaning, your home is bright and spotless. Those of you who plan an event find that your tasks are easier and that after the cleaners have visited you have much less to worry about.

After Deep-cleaning your house, now is the right time to maintain it the cleanliness of your house. One evident way to maintain your house is to avoid clutters by keeping your house organized. I have list down below some tips on how to declutter your house.


Reduce Anxiety and Stress by decluttering your house

Declutter Your Life is a month - long initiative to help you manage stress and improve your health by learning the principles of banning clutter and restoring your world to a sense of order.

Bills and junk mail pile up on your kitchen counter, dirty clothes fill your bedroom floor with dirty clothes, and let's not even talk about the state of your spare room right now. At some point, this was probably your home. (If not, good job to you!). And maybe you have not realized it. Your environment plays a big role in your mental health.

If your house, car  work station are cluttered, messy and disorganized, there is a tendency to feel overwhelmed like we have no clue on hos to start sorting things out. All tasks throughout the day would feel complicated. The opposite is also true, we feel more tranquil if our space and environment feels put together.

A study was made in 2009, that women who described their homes as  hunky and cluttered were more depressed and stressed than those who described them as organized.

Make your house clutter free from these tips from professionals that would help you to tidy up the spaces in your homes.

Tips on how to make your homes clutter free

1.       Keep only what you need

Go around the house and look for clutters, maybe some shoes you haven't used for a while at the corner of your room are a pile of clothes. The reason it has been piling up or not used for a long time means that these are the things that you don't need and care about. Get rid of them before you bring anything else home. Make it your every day goal. Making a list of what has been piling up because of disused or neglect may help you organized your house by keeping what you only need. If it feels too much to maintain then you have too much.

2.  Each space must have a purpose

Occupy all space. Empty spaces attract clutters, the key is to make sure your spaces are purposeful. For example is placing a tray or bowl key to a coffee table near your door, You will remember to place the keys there and you will not have the opportunity to put other things on that coffee table. Designate a purpose for every space in your home that can give you signals that you want to eat healthy food, such as putting a bowl of fruit on the kitchen counter. If you put a mail on a table, you remember to do something. Maintaining spaces will help you have a harmonious home.

3.  Make your household be on the same page with you

If you live with your partner and children, staying organized can be a challenge, as you have to train them with the system you set up to free your household from clutter. You must first let them understand why it needs to be organized. I tried a number of ways to get my household to follow my system. One good take away is to provide things that they can use. For example, if your child wants to leave shoes at the door or if your partner always forgets where he puts his car keys, provide a shoe cabinet close to the door. You can begin to bring things to the natural patterns already in place by providing them with tools to support your patterns.


It's not just about having a nice and organized home, it's about creating space for what you really want in life.It's a conscientious practice, an opportunity to evaluate where you are and where you want to be, and also to change your past and make room for your future. "

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