House Cleaning is not only mopping, cleaning carpets and counter-tops. Everything inside your home can be cleaned. From baseboards and walls cleaning to massive windows and blinds cleaning jobs. Hiring professional cleaners allows you to set the schedule you want to have your home cleaned on a regular basis. Professional cleaners know what works, provide the right products for your home’s needs and can do the job in a lesser amount of time. Professional house cleaners will ensure that your home is spotless clean, week after week, regardless how busy your life can be.

Our main goals is to Improve the Quality of Life. We know you have tons of things to do in your mind rather that tidying up your home. Hiring a professional house cleaning service like Divine Maids will free up time for you to do the fun things you love. Are you a book lover, or maybe you enjoy spending time with your family and friends? Do you like to go hiking and playing sports, or maybe having a movie date? A professional house cleaning service will allow you to have time to do the activities you love.

  1. Good for you and your family’s health  - Divine Maids are expertly trained to clean places in your house where microbes live. Having your home cleaned by Divine Maids can lessen the growth of germs and other microscopic organism which are not visible to the naked eye are also behind several allergic reactions. Plus if you have infants and kids at home they are more susceptible to different kinds of infections and diseases causing germs. Divine Maids know the proper way to ensure your home remains spotless clean and germ-free.

  2. Support Work Life Balance – Living in a fast paced life is stressful especially if you have children to take care of. We at Divine Maids helps you juggle your tasks by providing hassle free cleaning service because we understand keeping up with the demands of work and live can leave you exhausted

     Hiring a Professional Cleaner like the Divine Maids will let you have that well-deserved rest so you can spend more time with your family and friends instead of spending those special time doing house chores.

  3. We are equipped – No need to spend a fortune on those expensive cleaning products which are not as effective as what professional cleaners like Divine Maids use. Our tools and equipment can do the job of any size quickly and efficiently.  Save time, money and save yourself from all the hassles of buying bulky and expensive equipment and spending time at the grocery store to buy cleaning solutions and materials.

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4. Our Divine Maids are Properly Insured – Hiring a “cleaning lady” might be a good idea to come and clean your home but are you ready for potential liability claim in your insurance. You are going to be responsible if they injured themselves during work. And what if they damage your property, they do not have the necessary insurance to cover the damage. The Divine Maids are properly insured, so you will not have to worry about any liabilities. Now that is hassle-free cleaning service.

5. Scheduled Cleaning – How many times did it happen that you forgot to book a cleaning service and when you remembered your preferred date is no longer or how many times have you intended to go cleaning but ended being caught up with other important tasks, quite familiar right? Whether it was the former or the latter, it does not matter. Divine Maids can address both.  Book a recurring service with us, and we will ready to clean your home weekly, bi weekly or monthly. It is that easy!

6. We are PRO – You cleaned the whole house thoroughly, then a Divine Maid came in and point some areas you have missed. We clean the spots that are hard to reach, difficult to clean and places you do not want to clean. Divine Maids also know what is best for you and for your house. Our Divine Maids have undergone rigorous training, that is why we are confident that from basic to the most complicated jobs we can do it!

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7. You can always welcome guests with confidence. The sound of knock on the door and doorbell will no longer make your heart skip a beat. Your home is always fresh and visitor ready clean. And if your house was cleaned by Professionals like the Divine Maids, expect a compliment from your visitor and a frequent visit from them. Who does not want to hang out to a fresh clean home? I know I do.

8. Professional Cleaners are not only equipped with cleaning materials, they are also supported by an office. Divine Maids have a back end support to assist their cleaners from booking the correct details up to providing feedback. They have an office who are ready to answer all your cleaning concerns. You are not left out in the dark, any changes or any updates will be course through you. We are there right from the start until the end of your appointment, always ready and happy to serve just to make sure you are getting 100% hassle free quality cleaning service.

9. Come Home to a Clean House — There’s nothing more relaxing than coming home to your sanctuary, smelling the fresh changed linens, seeing a clean and organized home after a long, hard day of work. It’s disheartening that your home, your SANCTUARY, is not a place you can relax. And you know that the worse it gets, when you do not have the time to clean it. You can stress about this or you could relax and allow the Divine Maids to handle it, and come home to a freshly cleaned house, lifting your spirits after a tough day at work

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10. Happy you, Happy family, Happy life. Please give your body a break. Cleaning your house can be a very physically draining task. Instead of doing the cleaning, give yourself (and your body) a break! Allow the Divine Maids to give your house the good deep cleaning it needs. The less cleaning you and your family have to do, the more you can focus on spending quality time together, doing the activities you love and so much time for relaxing. Also, taking the task of cleaning off your plate will give you time to have other projects, like changing the paint, decorating spare rooms or shopping for new furniture for the family room or why not spend more time outside, where real adventure is.

Divine Maids is a fully committed Professional Cleaner in Seattle. Our cleaners have undergone a strict background check and a rigorous training to satisfy the cleaning requirements of our clients. Our mission is as simple as providing spotless cleaning service that will help our clients improve the quality of their lives. We will never stop innovating by using technology as a main tool to communicate and provide a cleaning service to our clients and potential clients, booking a cleaning service right at your fingertips. Divine Maids is all about quality and efficiency.

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