Types of House Cleaning Services


Types of House Cleaning Services

Cleaning home is a big task to do. Sometimes it tends to be forgotten because of your busy schedule. But now, we don’t have to worry anymore because there are a lot of cleaning agency that can do the job for us. It is quite rewarding because we can just hire them and let them do the job. While us are relaxing or spending time with our family.

Before hiring a cleaning company, you also need to consider what type of service you need to avail for your house. Consult the cleaning company that your are going to hire. Cleaning a home can be difficult at times especially if you don’t have the patience or time to do so. However, there are different types of cleaning services available for the homes today.

Residential Cleaning Services

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This is one of the basic cleaning service that a cleaning agency can offer. In this type of service it includes, vacuuming, mopping, cleaning bedrooms, living room, dusting, also sanitizing bathroom and kitchen. This type of service can actually be started by a family member but you need to invest in cleaning materials, products and time. It will also help to maintain the cleanliness and freshness of home.

Over the weekends you just want to rest or take the kids to some place and have fun with them. You hardly have time to properly clean your bathroom, kitchen, attic, basement or even dust the entire house. All you have to do is pay them and give them the green light, and they will leave your house spick and span.

Carpet Cleaning Services

There is a proper way of cleaning carpets not only using vacuum. Carpet needs to be sanitized and deodorize as well to remove any germs that is living there. There are proper products and materials that a professional cleaner is using to clean your carpet.

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Laundry Cleaning Services

Reality bites it is one of the job that sometimes we are so lazy to do because it is really tiring and consumes a lot of time. From sorting to washing clothes that has stain and it will require you to use some solution to remove the stain and it might hurt your hands as well. Divine Maids - Cleaning Services Seattle can help you in doing this job. We can clean those stain clothes, blankets and linens.

De-cluttering Cleaning Services

This is one process of cleaning the house that is giving us a hard time. Most of us is having a hard time to throw away things that has memories even though we don’t need those things anymore. But sometimes it is better throw away old things to give space to the new one. Having a professional cleaner can help you to decide what are the things that you need to dispose already.

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Deep Cleaning Services

This is one of the services that will clean your house from washing your cabinets, countertops, baseboards, door frames, window sills and doors. This will remove all the dirt in your flooring and other areas. Refrigerator and oven can be added as extra service as well to remove the stain and smell from left-over food.

Window Washing Cleaning Services

Most of us will think that cleaning windows is easy, just wipe it and it’s done. Without us knowing it is hard to clean windows to achieve a sparkling and streak-free windows. Professional window cleaners are using a specific cleaning products and materials to achieve a sparkly window.

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Steam Cleaning Services

This cleaning procedure is being used to make your carpets, upholstery furniture into a brand new one. Steam cleaning machine is being use by professional cleaners who are well-trained in this process. One of the best machine in cleaning carpets is heated carpet extractor.

Dirty Dishes Cleaning Services

If you do not have a dishwasher, it’s very important to wash the dishes every day. Even if you do have a dishwasher, make sure all dishes are in it and not piling up in the sink. Making sure to wash the dishes and/or putting them away not only keeps the kitchen cleaner but it will make the chore easier, as opposed to washing countless of forgotten dishes. If you can’t wash them all right away, at least rinse them off well to make them easier to clean later.

By choosing the correct service that will render in your house to make sure that you choose the correct cleaning procedure. In choosing the correct service it will achieve the cleanliness that you are looking and expecting.

There are also proper materials for cleaning that you need to be familiar with. This will help you to know what is the correct materials to use in cleaning your house. Here are some cleaning equipment and supply that you can use:

These are must-have cleaning solutions

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All-purpose cleaner

This is a perfect cleaning solution for countertops, sinks and stoves. Also, if you have granites or marble countertops, this cleaning solution will not damage your appliances or countertops.

Glass Cleaner

It is fine to use a simple cloth and wash it and use it to wipe your glass tables or windows. But to achieve a streak-free windows and glass tables it is better to use a glass cleaner solution.

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Wood Cleaner

When cleaning woods there is a specific cleaning products that you need to use to polish it. Floors with a polyurethane seal need only a solution of warm water and a mild dish washing soap to come clean after sweeping or dry mopping. In general, though, you will want to use as little water as possible when cleaning wood.

If there are must have cleaning products, there is also a must-have cleaning equipment. Having these cleaning equipment at home, you can start cleaning your house in doing basic chores.

Micro-fiber Cloth

Using a microfibers are much better because it doesn’t leave any lint. This is usually soft and knitted, this is also safe to use in surfaces such as paint or wood. It will not scratch or make any damages.

Extendible Duster

It is best used to reach the tops of the ceiling fans in your home to remove the dust that you cannot reach.

Toilet Brush

Use a brush that is for toilet bowl and bathroom only for hygiene purposes. It will help to stop in spreading the germs to other surfaces of the house.


This is the best equipment to use in cleaning carpet and upholstery. It can also use to reach spaces between refrigerator and walls.

Rubber Gloves

Use this to protect your hands while cleaning, especially when using acid-based cleaning products to keep your hands from suffering from any burn.

There are different types of cleaning services and it includes different task as well. There are also different equipment and cleaning products for a specific job. You just need to find out what is the best cleaning service for your house. Considering these things, you can find out the best cleaning provider from the enormous list of house cleaning companies out there.

With Divine Maids - Cleaning Services Seattle we can cover the cleaning service that you are looking for. We can guarantee you that we will leave your home spotless from any dirt and give you sparkly floor.

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