House Cleaning Hacks That You Should Know

Having a healthy household does not just mean eating the right food, but having your house germ-free as well. While we exert too much physical effort in cleaning, we also exert too much money on buying cleaning products. Be pragmatic and avoid overspending on household supplies. You probably didn't know it, but here are some cheap, convenient, and easy-to-do cleaning tips that would help you stretch your budget and patience in cleaning even further.

Pastry Brush.PNG

Pastry Brush

Use a pastry brush to clean crumbs out of your toaster

Get tricky-to-reach crumbs and burnt bits out of your toaster by unplugging it and sweeping with a pastry brush. This will help your toaster last longer as well as making crumbs less likely to catch and smell.

White bread.PNG

White bread

Get rid of greasy fingerprints from walls with white bread

It sounds weird, but rubbing finger marks with a slice of white bread will give your walls a new lease of life! We're not sure how someone discovered this, but we're grateful they did...

Salt and foil.PNG

Salt and foil

Clean your iron with salt and foil.

If you’ve got a dirty iron, remove built-up dirt from the bottom with salt and tin foil. Turn on the iron, and run it over a piece of aluminum foil sprinkled with salt.

Lint Roller.PNG

Lint Roller

Dust Your Surfaces With a Sticky Lint Roller

Dusting is an imperfect art. However, when you need to pick up that handful of craft glitter your kids spilled, get pet hair off a lampshade, or just grab some dust, a sticky lint roller does the trick with ease.

White Vinegar

white vinegar.PNG

Aside from cooking with vinegar, you may also use it to keep your dishwasher, windows, floors, microwaves and refrigerators extra clean. Pour an equal amount of vinegar and water on a cup and dip a cloth or sock. Run it over and use another cloth or sock to remove the dampness.

Ice Cubes.PNG

Ice Cubes

Every few weeks, toss in a handful of cubes in your sink. Add some orange, or lemon to ward off some stenchy odor.



Don’t throw away your old newspapers. Use it to get rid of garbage grime and crusty dips and drops of garbage juices. Cover the bottom of your trash can with old newspapers to soak up leaks and odors.


Clay Doh

If you think that clay is only for playtime, think again. Clay Doh can be used to pick up the small pieces of broken glasses and glitters. Just press the clay into the area and the glass or glitters will stick onto it.

Coffee Filters.PNG

Coffee Filters

Use Coffee Filters On Glass

Clean your mirrors and windows with coffee filters instead of rags or paper that wells for a streak and lint free shine.



Mouthwash Mopping

Aside from killing bad breath, adding a considerable amount of mouthwash to a gallon of water and mop the vinyl and tiles.

Baby oil.PNG

Baby Oil

Baby oil helps the dirty water bead roll down the drain faster. Use this to clean your sink, toilet bowl, or tub.



Get rid of water marks or stains in your bathtub by cutting a grapefruit in half, sprinkling on some rock salt and giving it a good scrub. Have the other half for a nutritious breakfast!



Did you just went on a camping trip? To remove hardened mud on your clothes, especially comforter or blankets, slice a potato in half and gently rub the cut end on to it. Soak the fabric in cool water after before tossing them into the laundry.



Having a hard time fitting your hands while cleaning a narrow vase? Just pour two tablespoons of dry rice and half a cup of warm water inside the vase. Shake the vase vigorously while covering it with your hands. Drain the vase afterwards.



Toilet Cleaner

Pour carbonated soda directly into the toilet and allow it to sit at least half an hour. The carbonation will remove stains and leave it sparkling like ne

Blow Dryer.PNG

Blow Dryer

Give chandeliers a quick cleaning with a blow-dryer (set on low) or a feather duster. For tougher jobs, fill a spray bottle with one part vodka to five parts water, spritz on fixtures and blow-dry.

Wax Paper.PNG

Wax Paper

Wax Paper for Faucets

Wiping faucets with wax paper prevents water spots and finger prints.

Hair Spray.PNG

Hair Spray

Walls doodled with markers can be cleaned by misting them with hairspray and wiping them immediately. Crayon on walls on the other hand could be removed by scrubbing with a toothbrush covered with toothpaste. You may also use a damp microfiber cloth with baking soda. Hairspray may also be used to remover lipstick stains on clothes.

Shaving foam.PNG

Shaving foam

Remove sofa stains with shaving foam

If your sofa is looking a worse-for-wear, try dabbing a little shaving foam on any stains, leave it to settle, then blot it away to remove the shaving foam – and the stain!



For those who are not aware, chalk has a powerful absorbing quality. Greasy and oily fingerprints can be removed by rubbing a chalk on walls, even clothes. Wash it with water after to make it completely grease-free.



Peel and cut the white onion in half. Rub the onion back and forth over the grates of a hot grill. The onion will deglaze the grates and add a little extra flavor the next time you grill in for some barbecue adventure.



Use toothpaste to defog mirrors

If you get annoyed when, after a hot bath or shower, you can''t see yourself in a misty mirror, toothpaste could be the answer! Just rub your bathroom mirror with toothpaste and wipe clean with a clean, dry cloth before you shower and hey-presto - one easy to use mist-free mirror.

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