Emerald City’s 3 Best Neighborhood

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Almost every country, town, state, or city has a nickname and has a very interesting back story for each. Some nicknames are popular while others don’t even seem like they have nicknames. Some names are uncomplicated and easy to understand while others are difficult to comprehend.

Have you ever wondered why Seattle is called the Emerald City? Some people don’t even know that Seattle is Emerald City. Some people may even think that Emerald City is a fiction land in L. Frank Baum's The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, but actually the city has nothing to do with it. Some people may think that Seattle is rich of emeralds, but no the nickname of the city is not because of emeralds or any other gemstones.

Seattle is named as Emerald City because the city is filled with green all year around, and when you visit the city you will notice the green grass covered parks. The name Emerald City portrays the color of the environment. As the years went by, the city has also rebuilt itself to a more contemporary style with skyscrapers, Seattle has also managed to still keep the city stunning as it has always been. Emerald City is also known as the fastest-growing cities in the United States of America. You probably have heard famous names of coffee shops like Seattle’s Best and Starbucks. That’s right! Emerald City is also known for its great reputation for coffee. The city has also developed not just on a tourism scale, but also on an economic level. Emerald City became famous for being the home of major company establishments, such as Microsoft, Amazon, and Boeing.

Emerald City makes a perfect getaway! With the city’s breathtaking skyline and distinctive attractions, you will surely enjoy this beautiful city. Each neighborhood in this city has a distinctive vibe and just in case you’re considering to tour around, here are the top 3 best neighborhoods in Emerald City.

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Downtown is not just another neighborhood. After centuries of settlement by Indians, the first Europeans to call Seattle home established farms and a steam-powered sawmill in the area of Pioneer Square. As downtown grew, it spread north, becoming the financial and retail center of Washington's largest city and of the region.

Are you anxious or wondering what to do in town? Do not worry! Downtown is the real heart of Seattle, this cool place provides a bustling amount of fun activity and work. A famous landmark in Downtown is Columbia Center where it has 76 floors, which is a greater number than any other building west of the Mississippi River. Downtown also has a very stunning view at night. This neighborhood is known for its famous spots like Pike Place Market where you will see an overlooking view of the Elliott Bay waterfront, it is also the oldest continuously operated public farmers’ market in the United States. The market is home to hundreds of farmers, small businesses, craftspeople and even residents, who make up the special character of this 17-acre historic district. Although it is named for one single street within the area, Pike Place Market is actually made up of several levels set against the edge of a steep hill, each one featuring a mélange of shops, restaurants, fresh product stands, crafts stalls and collectible stands. It is not for nothing that this market is officially the city’s most popular tourist destination. Plan your visit to Pike Place Market so that you have enough time to stop off at the Farmers Market, the Crafts Market and the Specialty Foods areas.

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Capitol Hill

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Back in the old days of Seattle, Capitol Hill is already known as a vibrant community with a thriving business district. In circa 1990, Capitol Hill was known as “Broadway Hill” because of its vibrant community along Broadway Avenue. This neighborhood of Seattle is part of a long ridge that overlooks downtown. It is home to Volunteer Park and the Seattle Asian Art Museum, St. Mark's Episcopal Cathedral as well as other churches, Seattle Central Community College, Cornish College for the Arts, Richard Hugo House (a center for writers), as well as many shops, restaurants, and coffeehouses. Capitol Hill is the site of Seattle’s annual celebration for Gay Pride week.

Capitol Hill is the LGBTQ center of Seattle. This neighborhood encourages the community about individuality and counterculture community. Some would say that this place is a densely populated residential district in Seattle, but it is also one of the city’s most prominent nightlife and entertainment district. Global flavors rule this eclectic neighborhood. Capitol Hill is packed with hip bars, eateries, and gay clubs, plus laid-back coffee shops and indie stores. You have to try it yourself!


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Waterfront is one of the most inevitable spots in Seattle. Thanks to the likes of Big Bertha, and the city’s mission to revitalize the waterfront, this area is currently experiencing an incredible renaissance! If you are wondering what Big Bertha is, it is a 57-foot diameter tunnel machine built specifically for the Washington State Department of Transportations. Some of the city’s finest institutions are located here, it is home to some of the most iconic Seattle experiences and imagery, and it’s the center point of much of Seattle’s rich history. It’s impossible to talk about the history of Seattle without mentioning the role the Waterfront has played in the city’s development.

Tourists would always visit this area as they will surely enjoy Elliott Bay, the perfect place for taking a stroll and visiting iconic destinations such as the Seattle Aquarium, the Seattle Great Wheel, and Ye Olde Curiosity Shop. Some tourists would also prefer to explore the nearby islands or snap a spectacular view of the city from the water, just head on to the Washington State Ferries. Since we are already talking about islands, the shore is also home to incredible seafood restaurants, including Ivar’s Pier 54 Fish Bar.