Why Should You Visit Seattle

Do you want to know why you should visit Seattle? Don’t worry! In this blog, we will help you find reasons to visit this beautiful place. There are actually a lot of interesting things that you can do and a lot of historic places that you can visit. Seattle, in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, is surrounded by water, mountains and forest, and has thousand acres of parkland to enjoy. Seattle’s nickname is the “Emerald City” because it portrays the color of the environment. The city is filled with green all year around, and when you visit the city you will also notice the green grass covered parks. The largest city in Washington State, it is also home to a large tech industry with Microsoft and Amazon headquartered here.

Here are some reasons why you should visit Seattle:

You Must Try Their Coffee Places

Why Should You Visit Seattle

You Must Try Seattle’s Coffee

Seattle is regarded as a world center for coffee roasting and coffee supply chain management. Related to this, many of the city's inhabitants are coffee enthusiasts; the city is known for its prominent coffee culture and numerous coffeehouses. Seattle is the locus that turned us all into coffee-istas, and is where Starbucks was founded, in the Pike Place Market. People in Seattle consume more coffee than in any other American city. A study has been conducted and it stated that there are 35 coffee shops per 100,000 residents. The people in Seattle spend an average of $36.00 a month on coffee. It is also nearly impossible to walk past a single block in a commercial area in Seattle. Coffee drinkers can get coffee at a local sidewalk stand, parking lot, tiny coffee houses, big coffee house, drive-through, and even delivery.

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Visit the Space Needle

Why Should You Visit Seattle

One of the famous attractions in Seattle is the Space Needle. If you have a head for heights then you must not miss the Space Needle. Built for the 1962 World’s Fair, the Space Needle quickly became the symbol of the city. The high-speed lift takes only 43-seconds to whizz you to the observation level. Views from the 605-foot tall are spectacular, and you can see the Cascade Mountains and Mount Rainier.

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Enjoy the Night Life in Seattle

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If you are a type of person who is into partying, this is the best neighborhood for you! Capitol Hill is the nightlife central, and Havana Social Club is at the throbbing epicentre. With its swaying palms and gold pressed-tin ceiling, the place feels like a quaint old tropical hotel. You’ll find mostly young, pierced folks throwing back tequila and gyrating to soul, rap and indie hits.

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Experience an intimate Seattle Living Room Show

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Seattle Living Room Shows and Seattle Secret Shows are a unique way to see a live concert. All shows take place in a secret Seattle venue where you’ll be face to face with some of the best up-and-coming musicians from around the country. We provide an intimate setting for both musician and listener which we feel brings the music back to where it should be; Raw, emotional, powerful, and exposed.

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The World’s Best Glass Art is From Seattle

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Seattle's art scene heats up with a bevy of hot shops and glass galleries. Seattle is a glass city. You can’t help but notice glass art installations, glassblowing studios and galleries dedicated to the art when visiting. You might have also heard of one particular glass artist, who hails from Tacoma and still calls this area home: the glass artist, Dale Chihuly. His glass works can be found around the world. The Chihuly Garden and Glass showcases at the Seattle Center display the incredible talent of Dale Chihuly with a series of jaw-dropping indoor and open-air installations. His distinctive glass art is a mixture of colourful shimmering cones, spears, coils and entanglements. Lismore Castle in Waterford has a turquoise chandelier designed by him.

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The Famous Wineries Can Be Found in Seattle

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Located just 30 miles from downtown Seattle is a wine lovers' haven. Woodinville is a suburb of Seattle nestled in between its urban core and the rustic skyline of the Cascade mountain range. With over 100 wineries calling Woodinville home, wine lovers travel far and wide to taste and buy the local Washington wines on offer. Novelty Hill Januik is a newer independent winery that have a production facility and tasting room in Woodinville. Originally started by one of Washington’s most acclaimed winemakers, Mike Januik, the winery is very family orientated and committed to sourcing grapes from only the best vineyards in Washington. Their modern, state-of-the art facilities make for an impressive tasting experience and you are made to feel warm and welcome, whether you’re a wine novice or a veteran of the vineyard world.

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Try Seattle’s Local Delicacies

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The city is flooded with good food but one of Seattle’s specialties is seafood. Due to its coastal location Washington is perfectly situated for fisherman. The up-coming neighborhood of Ballard has a large concentration of fishing fleets which make their way to Alaska throughout the year to source fresh water fish like no other.

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You will never get bored in Seattle as there are tons of activities to do. So, if you need to relax and enjoy, Seattle is surely the perfect place for you!