What is Green Cleaning in Seattle?

The buzzword for this is going green, as more and more people become concerned with the impact that we have on the planet. Driving electric cars, recycling, and composting are all great ways to go green, but when it comes to cleaning products, many of the greenest households are still relying on harsh chemicals like bleach and ammonia to keep their house sparkling. Thankfully, the push toward green living has resulted in a plethora of eco-friendly cleaning products that you can use to reduce your reliance on harsh chemicals.

You may be wondering about the meaning of green cleaning. Green cleaning actually refers to using cleaning methods and products with environment friendly ingredients and procedures which are designed to preserve human health and environmental quality. Most of the time cleaning companies who advocate green cleaning are using all non-toxic and 100% natural cleaning products. These green cleaning products are actually beautiful and highly recommended to use. It is definitely effective and environment friendly.

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We recommend you to use green cleaning products and get cleaning services from companies that are green cleaning advocate. Let us transform Seattle into an Earth-friendly community and people who care for their family and environment. How will you be able to do that? It is very simple, choose products and services that support the same movement.

Here are some products that are green cleaning friendly:

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1. Seventh Generation Dish Soap

Getting greasy stuck on food off of your dishes can be a pain, even with the toughest chemicals — and they still end up being harsh on your hands and poor for the environment. Seventh Generation is one of our favorite companies for green cleaning products in general, but their dish soap really stands out. Their Free and Clear soap has no artificial scents, and even their scented soaps are mild and use botanical extracts and essential oils. It’s easily one of our favorite green cleaning products.


2. Better Life Stainless Steel Polish

Cleaning stainless steel appliances can be a nightmare, especially if you’ve got lots of little hands leaving fingerprints on your fridge and stove. Most stainless steel polishes contain harsh chemicals like VOCs which are bad for your health and the environment.  Better Life’s stainless steel polish provides the same cleaning power, plus a protective fingerprint repellant, without relying on harsh chemicals. Plus, the company is vegan — their products aren’t tested on animals at all.


3. Osmo Wash and Care Wood Floor Cleaner

Cleaning and sealing your hardwood floors usually results in your house reeking of artificial pine or lemon scents, not to mention the fumes from whatever oil you use to seal the wood after cleaning it. Instead of having to leave all your windows open when you clean your floors, choosing Osmo Wash and Care wood floor cleaner lets you get all your floors clean and polished without worrying about using harsh chemicals in your home.


4. Intelligent Nutrients Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is a great tool to keep you healthy, especially if you work in an office or around people who tend to carry lots of germs. Traditional hand sanitizers tend to be harsh on the skin and are full of chemicals. Intelligent Nutrients also uses alcohol as the main sanitizing ingredients, but instead of pairing it with antibacterial ingredients, it uses essential oils and other ingredients to kill surface bacteria and keep you healthy.


5. Nature Zway Bamboo Towels

We use 13 billion pounds of paper towels every single year. If you break that down per person, that’s an average of 45 pounds of paper towels that each person in the United States uses and throws away every single year. While we love the convenience of being able to use a paper towel and throw it away, it’s incredibly wasteful and not terribly good for the environment. Nature Zway Bamboo Towels come in a roll of 25 for $11 and can be rinsed and reused up to 100 times each. If you’ve got kids and have a lot of spills to contend with, these reusable towels can be a godsend.


6. Moldex Mold Remover

Our go-to cleaning substance for getting rid of mold is bleach — but if you’re trying to go green, then chlorine bleach isn’t always the best option. Moldex doesn’t just kill mold and make it easier to clean, it also inhibits mold growth in the future by using a combination of materials that works as a viricide, a fungicide, and mold and mildew inhibitor – all without using bleach or other harsh chemicals.


7. The Honest Co. Honest Dishwasher Pods

We all love the convenience of being able to use our dishwashers instead of hand washing our dishes, but most dishwasher soap isn’t the greenest. If you can’t live without your dishwasher, The Honest Co’s Honest Dishwasher Pods are one of the best options on the market — fewer harsh chemicals while still getting your dishes sparkling clean.


8. GreenWorks Chlorine Free Bleach

It can be hard to break that bleach habit. If you can’t live without that clean bleach smell, then the best thing you can do is to get away from traditional chlorine bleach. GreenWorks Chlorine Free Bleach uses sodium lauryl sulfate as its primary cleaning ingredient — a plant based solvent that works just as well as chlorine without all the fumes or harsh side effects.


9. SafeChoice Super Clean

Everyone can always use a good all-purpose cleaner but many of them use harsh chemicals and VOCs as their cleaning agents. Super Clean, by SafeChoice, is one of the most effective degreasers and all-purpose cleaners that we’ve ever tried, without any of the chemicals that we normally worry about. It comes in one-gallon jugs and it’s concentrated, so a little bit goes a long way.


10. Vinegar and Baking Soda

One of our favorite green cleaners is probably already in your kitchen.  White vinegar is one of the most versatile green cleaners that you’ll ever find. If you can’t stand the smell of vinegar, steep your cleaning vinegar with some lemon rinds for a few weeks — not only will this give it a fresh lemon scent, but it helps to increase its cleaning properties. If you have something particularly grimy that needs to be cleaned, sprinkle some baking soda on it first. Once you spray it with your vinegar cleaning solution, it will bubble up and carry the grease and grime away with it.

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You don’t have to break the bank to go green — at least for your cleaning supplies. It might be a little difficult to know where to start, but hopefully, this blog will help you to become a green cleaning advocate.

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