Do I Need To Provide Anything?

Your maid will come equipped with swiffer, microfiber cloths, multi-surface cleaning solution, bathroom disinfectant, degreasing agent, and murphy's oils for hardwood floors. 

Should you require any special surface cleaner please have it available within plain view for your maid.

One important thing that we do require all clients to provide is a vacuum: this is requested in order to avoid cross contamination between homes.

Do I Need To Be Home?

You can if you would like to but it is not required. In fact, once we set up a regular schedule about 80% of clients choose not to be present during their cleaning.

Can Divine Maids Keep A Spare Key?

Due to potential liability risks, we cannot keep a spare key. We can however keep a lockbox code, garage code, entry code, or we can also gain access through your front desk's authorization each and every time.

Do You Clean Blinds?

Wooden blind or plastic blind cleaning present our housekeeping company with liability. As a professional courtesy, we pass only a feather duster across your blinds. If your blinds are a priority we would recommend hiring a blind cleaning/repair service.

Do You Clean Bathroom Grout?

We specialize only in regular home cleaning. Therefore we use only regular household cleaning items. With that in mind, we will try our best but we cannot guarantee we will be able to remove all bathroom grout. 

For bathroom grout, we would strongly recommend hiring a tile & grout cleaning service. They will be able to come into your home with heavy-duty equipment specially designed for grout cleaning.

Do You Do Mold Removal?

For your personal safety, we strongly recommend hiring mold removal specialists. This kind of service requires special state licensing, rigorous training, and unique safety equipment to avoid health complication to the service provider and to avoid spreading mold spores across your home.

What Is Your 100% Delight Guarantee?

Given the above understanding, we promise to fully deliver on our 50-point cleaning checklist. If you are for any reason unsatisfied, we will come back and readdress the missed areas for free!

Do you clean AirBNB units, rental properties, or vacation homes?

Unfortunately we do not perform this specialized service, and we earnestly suggest that you seek a cleaning service that can meet your property's specific needs. Divine Maids does indeed perform only general housekeeping and maid services for personal home owners.