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 Unparalleled Work Ethic

Unparalleled Work Ethic

 Pet-Friendly House Cleaners

Pet-Friendly House Cleaners

 100% Cleaning Satisfaction

100% Cleaning Satisfaction

 Hotel-Esque Cleaning Services

Hotel-Esque Cleaning Services

 Dedicated Phone Support

Dedicated Phone Support

Divine Maids has made its name to be the most trusted, and most reliable house cleaning services provider in Seattle. The company has been positively reviewed by thousands of satisfied clients. Divine Maids invested on ensuring that we only have the best people in the company from our maids, to our staffs, rest assured that everyone is professional and welcoming. Our commitments: Unparalleled work ethic; Pet-friendly house cleaner; 100% cleaning satisfactions; Hotelesque cleaning services; and Dedicated phone support.

Unparalleled Work Ethic

Divine Maids promised a quality work like no other. Our process is unique, and is one of a kind. From the way that our team works with each other — we consider ourselves as family, rather than co-workers. To the way that we provide services — delighting and excellent! We want you to always feel welcome and at home each time that you do business with us — professional, but friendly.

Pet-Friendly House Cleaner

Pets are family, and we knew that. Divine Maids shows utmost love and care to our little friends, and we do not want them to be harmed when we are at your home for the cleaning services. We’d also love to know their names, and other necessary details to help us treat them better, and in their most comfortable way. During the cleaning, we recommend keeping them away, as we do not want them to be scared with the sounds of the vacuum, and we do not want to put them at risk of being stepped on as well. Even though we would love them to be around for accompaniment, their safety is still our number 1 priority.

100% Cleaning Satisfaction

Your satisfaction will always be our goal. On every project we take, we want nothing but to be able to amaze you and give you a clean home, like you never saw it before — spotless, clean, and perfect for your whole family. Divine Maids is known to provide the best apartment cleaning services in Seattle, and also the #1 in residential and house cleaning services. You could never go wrong in choosing us as your partner in keeping and maintaining the level of cleanliness, and happiness of your favorite place — your home.

Hotelesque Cleaning Services

Divine Maids aims to leave your home, the same way that you first enter into a hotel room, newly-cleaned, spotless, sparkly and shiny. Stepping into a hotel room for the first time feels so relaxing and overwhelming, that’s the same experience that we wanted you to have after our cleaning services.

Dedicated Phone Support

It feels safe to know that someone from the company you hire is there to listen, and to assist you every step of the way. Divine Maids invested in customer service to make sure that someone will always be there to answer queries, and assist those that needed it in the soonest time possible. This is to show as well that we are reliable, and is worthy to be trusted. We provide not just an awesome cleaning services, but also an excellent customer support.

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One-Time Cleaning Services

Whether it's for a special occasion, a family or friend visiting, as a gift for a loved one, or perhaps you just need a deep-cleaning to get your home back into tip top shape, Divine maids offers the best house cleaning rates in Seattle

Divine Maids offers Seattle Cleaning Services to help make your home sparkly!

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Regular Cleaning Services

We offer weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly services for all home cleaning needs and apartment cleaning in Seattle. We have the best Seattle maid services costs

A regular cleaner becomes intimately acquainted with your home to provide it the love, attention, and care that you deserve.

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Move-In/Move-Out Cleanings

Let us deal with the previous tenant's mess.

Our move-in/move-out cleaning services can include inside fridge, inside oven, inside cabinets, and window washing to provide your home the fresh start you deserve.

Your Happy Home Awaits →

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The Benefits of Hiring Professional Cleaning Services in Seattle

When it comes to busy life in Seattle, keeping your home office space, apartment or house clean isn’t always the first thing on your mind. However, it’s a very important part of fostering a healthy, productive environment. Setting up a professional Seattle cleaning services for your home is the best way to ensure your life is kept in top condition.

If you want your productivity to be at an all time high, consider hiring a professional cleaning service like Divine Maids Seattle for your apartment or home. Here are just a few of the benefits professional Seattle cleaning services can provide:

Make A Good Impression - Maid Service Seattle

When people or friends come into your house or apartment in Seattle, the cleanliness of the space, or lack thereof, is going to make an impression. A clean home, free of mess and clutter, is going to make a strong first impression, making your Seattle home appear dignified and trustworthy. 

Stay Healthy - House Cleaning Services Seattle

Without proper cleaning, a home or apartment in Seattle can quickly become a breeding ground for germs that cause illness. Illness means decreased productivity. Professional Seattle cleaning services can eliminate dust and germs therefore reducing the chance of illness and decreasing work absences.  

Increase Productivity - Cleaning Company Seattle

An unclean home can be distracting. You and your family are more likely to get more done when you see that the house is nicely clean and organized It will bring a positive attitude to home life, therefore increasing productivity.

Save Money & Time - Recurring Apartment Cleaning Seattle

Instead of delegating family to clean the house or hiring an in-house staff, you can outsource a more skilled professional cleaning company to maintain your home space. You will never have to manage cleaning supplies, do laundry on used washcloths, fret over housework, or worry about liability issues associated with hazardous materials and cleaning products.

Keeping your home space clean has a lot of benefits and hiring Seattle cleaning services has even more. At the end of the day, hiring a professional team like Divine Maids Seattle will save you money, time, and stress.

At Divine Maids, we are committed to providing quality, customized professional Seattle cleaning services. Call us today at (877) 969-9880


Types of Cleaning Services

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Basic Cleaning Services

Discover a convenient and hassle-free way to your clean home. A Divine Maids cleaning service is guaranteed to make your property look and feel like new again and it covers everything with the cleaning process. Attention to detail is evident in kitchen, bathrooms, living areas, bedrooms and beyond. This is recommended if you wanted to keep and maintain the level of cleanliness and happiness in your home. It includes cleaning the floors, basic wiping and dusting, taking out trash, making the bed, basic cleaning of the kitchen and bathroom areas, as well as cleaning of the living room, dining area, and all other common areas in the home.

Spring Cleaning Services

You may be able to clean the obvious stuff in your home, but what about that hidden, hard-to-reach dirt and dust? A cleaning by Divine Maids professionals will remove hidden dirt and grime according to your needs and eliminate the possibility of harmful buildup. It will help to get your house into shape and ready for the next season.

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Deep Cleaning Services

Keep your home in a sparkling showing condition with our deep cleaning! This service focuses on two dirtiest, but has to be the cleanest part of the house: kitchen, and bathrooms. This service covers all basic cleaning services for bedrooms, living rooms, and all common areas in the house, and a more thorough cleaning and scrubbing on kitchen and bathroom areas. We will provide all the equipment and our experienced maids from Divine Maids will turn your home into a spotless abode with professionalism, efficiency and exceptional attention to detail.

Regular Cleaning Services

Did you know that getting your home professionally cleaned is not just a matter of cleanliness but also maintenance as well? Cleaning on a regular basis helps to preserve the condition and value of your property. Scheduling recurring appointments helps us organize orders better, cut down the operational costs and pass the savings to you. Divine Maids prepared a cleaning services program for you, that can be customized to make sure that it fits your needs. Aside from having a clean and well-maintained home, you can also get great discounts and savings!

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Move-Out Cleaning Services

If you rented a house or an apartment and are at the end of the lease, you’ll be very familiar with those picky needs of landlords when it comes to move-out day. The home has to be in perfect condition, which can be a really tall order if you’ve been staying there for a year or longer. The natural course of living creates grime, dirt and dust in areas you can’t even imagine and landlord wants it to be spotless. We at Divine Maids, know exactly what's expected and will leave your place sparkling clean and tidy, meeting the high standards. If for any reason your landlord or property manager is not satisfied with any aspect of our job, we will come back and fix it at no extra cost!

Move-In Cleaning Services

Transferring residence is no joke. Lots of things to be considered, lots of stuff to be taken cared of. Paperworks, moving, adjustments to your daily routine, packing and unpacking of things, cleaning the place that you will leave behind, and of course, making sure that your new place is well-cleaned and sanitized as well. We need to ensure that it is properly cleaned, because we do not know what the place went through before, and we do not want to put our family’s health and well-being at risk. Divine Maids is here to help you do that. That’s one task cross out from your to-do list. Our service will give you peace of mind that you will be welcomed by a clean and happy home.

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After-Renovation Cleaning Services

How exciting it is! But, hold on, the newly-renovated house may not be ready yet for you and your family. Divine Maids can clean the whole house thoroughly, through our heavy duty cleaning services. This would remove all dust and debris that could’ve settled down on all corners of the house. After the cleaning, your new house will surely be ready for your family to come in, relax, and enjoy.

#1 Affordable Maid Service Seattle

Such a pleasure to come home to a perfectly clean home, at the end of the long day.
— Sarah, Fiveways

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I choose Divine Maids?

Divine Maids is Seattle’s #1 Home Cleaning Services, and we are equipped with the right set of skills, and knowledge to provide the best service for you. We are a reputable, and trusted company with years and years of service, and have received positive reviews from hundreds of people who love and continuously support the cleaning services that we offer. Aside from that, we also offer different types of services that could definitely help you to achieve a clean house that you always deserve.

Do I have to provide the cleaning supplies?

Oh no! The cleaning supplies and solutions that will be used in the cleaning services is already part of the price quoted to you. You can advise us if you want us to use the cleaning supplies at your home, instead. It is also recommended if you could let us use your own vacuum at home, to prevent cross contamination between homes. Please have a 3-footstep ladder as well, that we could use to reach high areas. Our cleaners are equipped with a swifter system that could do wonders on all types of flooring, but if you prefer your floor to be mopped, kindly prepare a mop and a bucket for our cleaner to use.

Do you send the same cleaner every appointment?

You can let us know if you have a preferred professional that you’d like to service your home. And since we value you, and your preferences, we’ll do our best to assign the same cleaner to you every time. Though there are factors that we may not be able to control, sometimes we may not be able to send the same cleaner to you. If that happens, we’ll let you know that we will send a different cleaner for that certain appointment, or you could choose to reschedule your appointment to when your preferred cleaner could resume working.

Do I need to be home during the service?

You are welcome to be! Divine Maids know that you have other things to do, and we do not want to take most of your precious time. Our professional cleans all went through an intense hiring procedure, including background check to ensure that we only let trustworthy people in the company. We can work amazingly even without supervision, and rest assured that you will come home to a clean and happy home.

How to book an appointment?

Divine Maids prioritizes your convenience, and of course, we always want to make is easy for you. Booking an appointment can be done over the phone, by simply dialing (877) 969 9880. You can also send us a message to let us know that you’re interested in the service, and we would definitely love to speak with you about what we can do to help you get a sparkly, and brand-new-like home. If you prefer communication over email, we are also available for that. Just send us a message at support@divinemaids.com. Talk to you soon?