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Why Choose Divine Maids Carpet Cleaning Services Seattle?

Green Cleaning for Carpets

Green Carpet Cleaning Guaranteed

We are with you in your advocacy to healthier Earth and nature. Divine Maids use top of the line carpet cleaning machine and green, eco-friendly cleaning solutions.

customer satisfaction carpet cleaning Seattle

Customer Satisfaction is our Goal

Your satisfaction is our standards. We are dedicated in providing the best care for our clients. Your full satisfaction is our pride.

Pet Friendly Carpet Cleaning

100% Pet-Friendly

Besides from being an eco-friendly green cleaning company, we are also pet-friendly. Our team will never be cruel to animals.

Customer Support Carpet Cleaning Seattle

Dedicated Customer Support

We have dedicated and friendly customer support system to help you get an accurate quote and assist you in booking your appointments.

Professional Carpet Cleaners

Professional Carpet Cleaners

We have a professional team to take care of your carpets. Our professional carpet cleaners are well-trained, bonded and insured.


Learn More about Carpet Cleaning

Carpets serve as a cover for your floors. It insulates your floors making it comfortable for you to walk at, or provides warmth and coziness to your rooms. With indoor traffic, especially when you have kids and pets, carpets tend to wear off, get some marks and fibers start to lose Not paying much attention to it can mean having to replace the carpets prematurely which means more expenses for you. If you love the air you breathe, ensure that the indoor air is safe for your household members. Little do we know that living inside a polluted home is more dangerous than being exposed to outdoor pollutants. Make your home safe, secure, smelling great and fresh all the time. Carpet cleaning has numerous benefits that you can enjoy. Prevention is always better than cure, that’s why it’s important to deep clean your carpets once in a while. Vacuuming of carpets can be helpful, but deep cleaning makes a big difference.

Carpet cleaning prolongs the life of your carpets. The life of your carpets will depend on how much you care for them. If you let spills, stains and food droppings on your carpets, these will attract pests, rodents and insects that may cause tear or damages to your carpet. As chemicals may harm at damage your carpets, Divine maids uses a green cleaning method for your carpet which ensures that no harmful chemicals will destroy your carpets.

Improves Indoor Air. How long do you stay inside your home? Do you spend the whole day or just after work? Your home is your nest, your sanctuary. Wouldn’t it be best if your home has clean and fresh air free from indoor pollution, dust and allergens? Since you are staying inside your home longer, you must make it the safest place by cleaning it regularly. You may schedule a standard or a deep cleaning service with Divine Maids Seattle, then book a deep clean for your carpets afterwards.

Lessen Pests, Fleas, Rodents and Insects. We all know that pests, fleas, rodents and insects is attracted to dirt, dust and also fibers that are dirty, wet or stinky. These are the common living grounds for parasites and can totally harm you and your family when left unnoticed. When a carpet is clean, most likely your home becomes healthier and smelling good.

We know you care for your carpets as much as you care about the cleanliness of your home but even the best care can sometimes be not enough. Professional cleaning is needed. Call us for a free quote today! 📞(877) 969-9880.